Crafting Building-Blocks Through Sports & Aloha

7GEN Culture was born out of this idea of building a foundation of Community, Character and Culture through sports. Our kuleana or responsibility is to create opportunities and spaces where families, groups and teams feel empowered with knowledge and respect for the game. At 7GEN, sports are the vehicle to a more promising future of confident and connected generations to come. The 7th Generation principle is a Native American philosophy, which is also practiced by other indigenous cultures such as the Native Hawaiians. It is believed that the concept of sustainability and successful strengthening of a community takes seven generations to come into fruition. Native Hawaiians associate the word kualima with this concept of being “seven generations removed.” We integrate this native belief into 7GEN’s foundation of values. That decisions and actions today not only define future generations, but it influences their response to survival in an ever-changing world.
From small community events to the largest indoor and outdoor grass volleyball tournaments, we've done it all. 
Attendees & Athletes
We've been able to positively impact our community through our various events, teams, coaching and support. 
From the community, by the community. Thank you to those who help us in our mission.